GESI specializes in the following areas:

Tradeshow Support Tradeshow Support - Our tradeshow specialists have years of experience in providing top-shelf equipment, networking, and technical support for the duration of your event. We're here to be your partner in a successful trade-show experience.
Project Planning Project Planning - We provide full reporting, planning, and dialogue with you and your staff well in advance of your event to ensure your success.  Our 
experienced project managers are dedicated 100% to your event, and 
are always available to you.
Kiosks Intelligent Kiosks - GESI has developed an attendee kiosk system that has been successfully deployed at many of our larger events.  Kiosks are custom-tailored to each event and are scalable to include messaging, scheduling, internet access, show-daily updates, and customer-managed dynamic content.
Web Design Web Design - Our team of designers has many years of experience designing highly accessible standards-based websites for our clients.  Let us show you what we can do to enable your ideas.
Audio Visual Audio Visual - GESI's partnership with some of the industry's leading A/V providers allows our clients to combine their computer hardware and software needs with professional presentation technology resulting in a streamlined process for onsite production. 
3D animation and graphic design
3D Animation and Design - Visualization technologies are second nature to our creative staff. Using the latest tools, we can provide a multimedia experience for you and for your clients that will truly be memorable. The GESI design team can take your ideas and vault them into reality.
Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Solutions - GESI has full co-location services on our high-speed network for our clients.  Our e-commerce solutions can provide an easy way for you to manage your third-party exhibitors by providing a one-stop shop for all their equipment and networking needs.
Network Management

Asset Management - We can provide storage and inventory management for your company's computers and equipment.  Our warehousing software can take the burden of scheduling your equipment for multiple events off your hands while still providing you complete control of your assets.

Digital Signs Digital Signs - Say goodbye to managing foam-core and vinyl signs, last minute runs to the printer, and the associated waste and expense. Digital signs offer a single point of management for individual conference tracks, sponsor stations, and event info.
Network Management Network Management - GESI has provided large-scale network
deployments at  single events for thousands of discrete
devices.  Our mobile network solutions can duplicate the
security and reliability of a mainstream corporate network
for 10 to 10,000 users, both wired and wireless.
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